TV Programs - Documentary/History
Chrysler - An American Automotive Icon
This documentary looks at the automotive industry through World War II and into post-war America.
  waging peaceWaging Peace
This hour-long documentary concerns peacemaking in both the Christian and Muslim traditions as they overcome mistrust, hatred, and violence.
  Seas and Oceans Seas & Oceans I
A journey through the seas and oceans of the world. This trip will start in the Red and Mediterranean seas.
  Seas and OceansSeas & Oceans II
The seas and oceans of our world remain the great unknown of our planet so let's visit, from the Galapagos to Polynesia.
mediterranean subMediterranean Sub II
The most amazing places in the Mediterranean Sea. Eels, rays, corals, lobsters, and much more!
  great american national parksGreat American National Parks
A visual exploration to America's most spectacular National Parks. Includes Everglades, Grand Canyon and more!
  the natter projectThe Natter Project
This little-known rocket propelled, vertical launch technology was the last hope for the Third Reich to win back air supremacy.
  mark twain dangerous intimacyMark Twain: Dangerous Intimacy
Documentary based on a book with the same title celebrating the life of one of the world's most famous authors.
the royalsThe Royals
A compilation of actual footage from royal weddings, coronations, and weddings. Including the announcement of Prince William and Kate Middleton!
  The GreatsThe Greats
This series celebrates the legacy of the world's greatest artists, scientists, entertainers and musicians, plus explorers, adventurers and leaders.
  water warsWater Wars
Today the struggle ‘with’ and ‘for’ water has become a global crisis. Can the global community work together to solve the problem?
  2000 years of christianity2000 Years of Christianity
This series recounts the complete story of Christianity, revealing the many twists and turns of the past.
fidel castro: the untold storyFidel Castro: The Untold Story
View the man through exclusive interviews with Castro, historians, public figures, friends, and from the Cuban State archives.
  banking on heavenBanking On Heaven
The inside story of the largest polygamous enclave in the United States, written, produced, and narrated by Laurie Allen.
  the world of...The World Of...
Travel to the far corners of the globe as this series explores not only the magic of nature but the frontiers of science.
  pirate for the seaPirate For The Sea
Join captain Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherd Society on a mission to save the panet's whales, seals and dolphins.
animal filesAnimal files
A twenty-episode program examining the complex nature of the animal world. Great for kids of all ages.
Two productions featuring the greatest magician of all time. One, a documentary, and the second, a feature film called  "Terror Island".
  the definitive history of WWIIThe Definitive History of WWII
Experience history's greatest conflict as never before in this impressive 10-part series
  the titanic storyThe Titanic Story
This four-part series, featuring never before seen footage, takes the viewer deep down into the legend of the mighty Titanic.
Josh Tickell's powerful, award winning portrait of America’s overwhelming addiction to, and reliance on, oil.
  owned islandsOwned Islands
What would it be like to live on your own private tropical island? The answer is found right here.
  marilyn monroeThe Discovery of Marilyn Monroe
The life of Marilyn featuring recently rediscovered photos and stories by those who knew and loved her.
  end of povertyEnd of Poverty
Martin sheen narrates this feature-length documentary explaining the consequences of the world-wide financial crisis.
Flying Over EverestFlying Over Everest
Come along with Angelo D'arrigo as he becomes the first man to ever fly over Everest on a hang-glider.
  this day in historyThis Day In History
This 365-part series features a nugget of information every day of the year. Designed with revenue-building in mind.
  on the trail of glaciersOn The Trail Of The Glaciers
Join captain Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherd Society on a mission to save the panet's whales, seals and dolphins.

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