Global Telemedia, multifaceted entertainment company with the experience to work closely with you and your ideas. We try and listen very carefully to what the market is saying and integrate that with your goals. We have an independent philosophy... The arts are a reflection of our commonality. Change is good and if we all realize that not one country or culture has it all, but every country and culture has something wonderful to contribute, we can all go through the journey together with a smile. We welcome you to the web site and hope your stay with us is informative and enjoyable!

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We are excited about a new association on music concerts. We are now working with the premier concert producer in Europe for both Pop and Classical music. The concerts are all in HD and 4K and include some of the world’s greatest orchestras and artists. The Pop collection includes new emerging bands which will compliment our music documentary offerings of established stars.
What's New From Global Telemedia?
the yukon bluesThe Yukon Blues
Follow explorer Walter Bonatti on his exciting solo expedition down Alaska's Yukon and Porcupine Rivers.
Raggs is an award-winning musical preschool series starring five canine
characters: Raggs, Trilby, Pido, B. Max, Razzles, and Dumpster the cat.
  wild AboutWild About
This series is a detailed journey into the life and defining traits of some of the worlds most majestic and curious animals.
fish'n' crazee showThe Fish'N' Crazee Show
Up to date fishing techniques, new lures, fishing tackle and exploring the local culture and cuisine, all in the name of fish'n crazee!
  TRavel Thru HistoryTravel Thru History
This blog-style, high-energy show, narrated by our host, Jillian Young, tells the story of cities in a unique way, while showcasing their attractions.
  bodies in motionBodies In Motion with Gilad
Join trainer Gilad in the longest running, multiple award-winning exercise program on TV.
planet fashion tvPlanet Fashion TV
A behind the scenes series for international Millenials
about fashion magazines and the inner work of fashion jobs as well!
  Car ChroniclesCar Chronicles
A retro car nut’s design paradise with entertaining and informative story threads presented by four preeminent auto authorities.
  stalking filmsStalking Films
Big game and small game documentaries, and all shows are in Spanish with English and Spanish scripts and M&E tracks.
If you are looking to acquire fresh, high quality television programming you have come to the right place. We have been at the forefront of independent distribution in the international marketplace for several years. Our catalog showcases Television specials and Series that are somewhat unique and exemplify creative excellence from our producer/clients from all over the world.

Producers and Television Channel Executives!

If you are looking to either develop a program idea or get your completed shows on the air, you have come to the right place! We are actively looking for selected properties to represent for both telecast and all platforms. Our "track record" is impressive. We also work with co-production projects that are international. Let's talk and discuss what you have in mind.

We are proud to represent many copyrighted Feature Films. Many of our movies feature major stars, and all have excellent production value and cleared rights for all media.

Entertainment Projects!
We are now in development on a Broadway Show, which is being introduced by one of the oldest and most well known theatrical agencies in the business. The production features a "Tony" Award winning director and lighting company, with all-star performers from Europe, the United States, and South America.

We started in the music business and the true "international language" keeps shining through. We are proud have co-producing a new music series for television entitled HOT POP!...the newest of our original development projects. This 13 part series showcases the "best of the best" new upcoming performers from around the world...stay tuned for more updates on this exciting new show!...Airing on STARZ in the USA!

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