What's New From Global Telemedia?

kid's planetFive Great New Titles For Kids!

Check out our new entertaiment and education titles just for the young ones:

-Kid's Planet, -Animal DNA
-Human Nature
-All The Answers -The World Is Yours. 

  kennedy assassinationKennedy - The Assassination Facst 2024
This remastered set offers five two-hour investigations into this American tragedy.
  big little footprintsBig Little Footprints
Follow a TV Host, stuntman, and their two adventurous boys as they embark on awe-inspiring adventures across the globe.
Holy PlacesHoly Places

The places men and women have built to honor their beliefs. See structures that have survived the centuries from the beginning of recorded time.
    taste of franceTaste of France

A dynamic 10-episode TV-series combining documentary, cooking, and host driven sequences meeting some of France's best Michelin-starred chefs.
into the outdoorsInto the Outdoors

A new series that empowers today’s kids to think critically about Planet Earth and become environmentally aware.
  Nature's ForceNature's Force
Severe weather, geological and meteorological events often become international news. This series features stories of some of such conflicts on earth.
  cities of the worldCities of the World
This series features cities from around the world, revealing their icons, culture, customs, personality and history.

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