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taste of france
Taste of France

10 X 24 min. episodes in HD(1080p)

In English and French

Available for all territories


Taste of France

Meet French Michelin-starred chefs and get to know how they think, work, and breathe haute cuisine with a sustainable approach - with each episode ending with a learn-how-to-cook-like-a-master chef segment.

Taste of France is a dynamic 10-episode TV-series combining documentary, cooking, and host driven sequences where we meet some of France's distinguished Michelin-starred chefs. On our journey through the country we explore the creative minds and environments of these entrepreneurial master chefs.

As we dive into their world, we get to learn about their struggles to build their own culinary identities, and how their early years, legacy, life values, and passion for quality have moulded them into becoming modern culinary legends.

With a passion for taste and perfection, they introduce us to a sustainable thinking that permeates their craft, from carefully chosen suppliers and sustainable food handling, to the palate of their guests. We also meet up with some of the most engaged French suppliers, who stock our chefs with simply supreme produce.

Every episode ends with an exciting experience, where each chef introduces us to one of his/her favourite dishes. Together with our hosts they share their tips on how to elevate your cooking and prepare these haute-cuisine recipes at home.

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