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Global Telemedia, Inc.

Global Telemedia is both a production and distribution company which was incorporated in 1982. The company's reputation and experience have established it as one of the leading companies in the industry.


GTI has been involved with television production and development since the company's inception. The company's newest production was conceived, developed, and is produced by GTI. The series is entitled GREEN MINUTE. This is an international co-production with a partner company in Australia, all about the environment, global warming and what viewers can do to make their own life "greener". The series is now a major hit and is airing on channels all over the world. It is our small contribution to raise awareness and bring this issue to the attention of viewers to help preserve and recognize our planet's value and the changes taking place upon it for all living things.

Distribution & Development

GTI is a highly respected independent distribution company representing outside producers and television stations from around the world. The company distributes network, syndicated, and independently produced shows both domestically and internationally to telecasters and Home video / DVD manufacturers, VOD, Broadband, IPTV and Mobile carriers. Programs have aired on every continent in the world, including client programming that has been licensed domestically by the broadcast networks, cable networks, and in national syndication.

Global Telemedia also develops original concepts for television with our clients that have evolved from the idea stage to air! Some recent successes: GREEN MINUTE airing worldwide, HOT POP! aired on WAM!/Starz Network in the U.S., and INSIDE THE ACTOR'S STUDIO which we collaborated on for development and placement on the BRAVO NETWORK. The series has garnered several awards, including the ACE, and is now the network's "signature" series. Over 200 episodes have already been produced.

Greg Kimmelman

Founder and CEO

Mr. Kimmelman is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Global Telemedia, Inc. He has more than 35 years of experience in all aspects of the entertainment and media industries. As a former producer of the Emmy Awards, he was a creative force behind the distribution of “Inside the Actors Studio,” which is seen in 94 million American homes on Bravo and in 125 countries, and has been recognized with a record seventeen Emmy nominations. His production credits also include a variety of major live events and specials, including the 200th Anniversary of the Statue of Liberty, the 40th Anniversary of the United Nations.

Mr. Kimmelman began his professional career as an actor at the age of 11. His acute interest in music led him into the music industry where he worked with several major labels including Capitol, Elektra and ABC/Dunhill records and artists including Jimmy Buffet, The Doors, Carly Simon, Steely Dan, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and Electric Light Orchestra. He was the manager for a band called SHOOTING STAR which was the first American band personally signed by Richard Branson to the Virgin label in the USA. During the 1980’s, he was a pioneer in recognizing the commercial importance between the marriage of music and video for broadcast over media distribution systems. From his innovated work in the development of some of the first music videos with bands such as KISS, he applied that experience to the nascent satellite communications business. While working for Reuters, he developed media concepts for its commercial satellite business, creating the “video news release" and popularizing “video conferencing.” Many Fortune 100 companies as an integral part of their public relations programs use these concepts extensively. Mr. Kimmelman then worked on a television series utilizing the Reuter's library in London, entitled THIS DAY IN HISTORY. This innovative series, which is still on the air, helped launch his international distribution company.

A former Governor and present member of the The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, and member (inactive) of the Director's Guild of America, Mr. Kimmelman is also a member of the International Television Association, the National Association of Television Program Executives and a Free and Accepted Mason. He has received 8 Gold and 12 Platinum Record Albums, has appeared in 4 feature films, and once was even a contestant on the "Dating Game"! He holds a B.A. in Communications from American University and a M.S. from Columbia University.

Click here for a candid radio interview with Greg.

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Contact Mr. Kimmelman at

anne corsak

Producers, Writers, Developers , Packagers...

Your work speaks for itself! Certainly how you would want to market your series to the international market must be as well thought out and planned. There would need to be a commitment from a distributor who understand this and can work in an environment to devote the time and focus needed to present this series in a way that speaks with integrity and purpose.

The value of the international broadcast market has been estimated at roughly $4.5 billion, and about 70% of the programming sold is produced in the United States. Our estimate is that 75% of the value comes from scripted programming (dramas, sitcoms, and comedies) and 25% from unscripted programming such as factual, reality lifestyle and pop culture. International sales are frequently responsible for generating greater profits for the producer than the original productions fees. With the development of new platforms such as Video On Demand, Broadband and Mobile, there is a wider revenue stream that can also introduce producers to new contacts for co-productions.

Producers should select a company that compliments their vision but also has access to buyers through working with them on a "local" level as well as from a centralized location. Global Telemedia has a network of affiliated agents that we work with in key regions throughout the world. We have pioneered unique ways to position your programs and seek out the most appropriate markets in which to target our sales campaigns.

You must consider the size of the company you select. Large companies can take advantage of its size in the market, but if for example a large company develops and produces it's own content they may want to focus on selling it before your shows. We represent independent producers with unique programs and treat each project in a dedicated focused approach. There is never a "throw it against the wall and see if it sticks" philosophy. Each project is planned and designed to compliment the producers "vision" as it relates to the market.

Combining our knowledge, experience and personal contact with our clients and suppliers, your show will get maximum exposure in the market on several platforms.

Global Telemedia - WHAT WE DO and WHAT WE OFFER

Program Distribution

The centerpiece of our business is distributing programming to multiple platforms both in the United States and internationally.

  • Over $50 million in license fees generated since 1990.
  • Sales to U.S. cable and satellite networks, Broadcast Networks, International free over the air, cable, satellite telecasters;
  • Non-theatrical outlets such as DVD, Educational, Airline, Video on Demand, Mobile, IPTV and Broadband services
  • Sales of completed programs, projects in development, pre-sales, co-productions and concepts.
  • State of the Art database system that we use to track deals, offers and materials movement as well current financial and contract information.
  • Sales team as over 45 years of combined experience
  • Executives who have been involved with television, theatre and music on a professional basis for 50 years.
    Original TELEVISION program development of highly successful series such as INSIDE THE ACTOR'S STUDIO and EVENING AT THE IMPROV as well as original productions that are currently airing on media platforms worldwide, such as GREEN MINUTE (on the environment and global warming).


We are out there!

  • Travel around the world on sales calls and market conventions.
  • 150 meetings at each major market three times a year with key buyers and program developers from all major media territories.
  • Targeted direct mail campaigns, updated email notifications, social meetings and buyer events
  • Public relations and advertising in major trade publications
  • Targeted analysis of markets and channels focused on buyers that will be interested in your show specifically.
  • GTI is a highly respected successful sales and marketing company that is
    highly regarded for creative development, focused sales campaigns and a well researched client base.
  • We are very selective with our "partnered" suppliers and are well known for our personal service.
  • Suppliers include producers from the U.S., United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, France, South Africa, Japan and China.
    International clients include, TF1 (France), NHK (Japan), ABC (Australia), FOX, AL JAZEERA, Globo (Brazil), Sky (United Kingdom), CBC (Canada), CCTV (China), POLSAT (Poland), STAR (Hong Kong), TV3 (Thailand), CESKA (Czech Republic), Russian Report (Russia),TV2 (Norway) and 89 others.
  • Your program will be marketed and adjoin a well planned advertising and sales campaign customized for your show's concept and audience.
  • We cross promote and accent your release with diverse and creative target marketing.
  • Our fees are fair and competitive and our communication with you regarding progress is unequaled in the business.
  • We have the experience and contacts to place your show and have done so successfully for 26 years.

Global Telemedia, Inc. • 1078 Enbrook Loop, Naples, Florida 34114 USA • Tel 203-247-3888 •