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cities of the world
Cities of the World

13 X 30 minutes



The 'Cities Of The World' documentary takes viewers on an extraordinary journey to explore fascinating cities around our planet. This comprehensive series highlights a different city in each episode, introducing viewers to the rich culture, deep history, impressive geography, and significant landmarks of that city. Covering a wide range of cities from the most bustling metropolises to hidden historical towns, 'Cities Of The World' presents the urban life, traditions, art, and cuisine through the eyes of the locals. Each episode creates the sensation of walking through the streets of these cities, bringing the excitement of discovering distant places to viewers' homes. By telling the unique features and human stories of cities across the globe, this documentary offers new perspectives and deepens global understanding. Discover the mystery and beauty of cities around the world with 'Cities Of The World'.

Episode list:

1. Hong Kong, New York, Paris,Bangkok, Auckland, Berlin, Los Angeles
2. Sydney, Guangzhou, Singapore, London, Tokyo, Jerusalem, Toronto
3. Honolulu, Bali, Guatemala, Rio de Janiero, Amsterdam, Budapest, Cape Town
4. Cairo, Istanbul, Seoul, Delhi, Shanghai, Mexico City, Osaka,
5. Moscow, Jakarta, Santiago, Abu Dhabi, Vienna, Taipei, Miami
6. Athens, Lima, Helsinki, Doha, Munich, Barcelona, Milan,
7. Zurich, Berkeley, Salem, Pasadena, Vatican, Stockholm, Phuket,
8. Philadelphia, Oslo, Montreal, Chicago, Boston, Washington, Incheon
9. Mumbai, Copenhagen, Atlanta, Dublin, Houston, Luxor, New Orleans
10. Tunis, Seattle, Kyoto, Geneva, Canberra, Brussels, Lisbon
11. Rome,Kansas, Venice, Buenos Aires, Macao, Dallas, Florence
12. Naples, Petra, Denver, Detroit, Brooklyn, Kuala Lumpur, Memphis
13. Portland, San Francisco, Ho Chi Minh, Palm Springs, Siem Reap, Prague,Las Vegas

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