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Christmas Programming


christmas programming




The Ride: Christmas Eve Parable
1 X 33 MIN., HD, 2012

It's Christmas Eve in the suburbs of Chicago and a bored taxi driver reluctantly accepts one more fare. He soon suspects that his passenger is planning to commit suicide. The cabbie prolongs the ride in an uncharacteristic attempt to help. See how grace invades the hearts of both men in this powerful short film by Dallas Jenkins, director of What If?

For This Reason
1 X 1 HR. 40 MIN., HD, 2020

This is a rapid journey through the Scriptures of the the Bible. It tells the story of WHY the Creator-Owner of the world sent a Savior into the world to save mankind. Abridged from the 15-episode KING of GLORY this mini-epic reveals how everything points to the One whose birth split world history in two.

Merry Christmas?
1 X 27 MIN., HD, 2013

Pastor Mark Jeske of the Time of Grace television program hosts this Christmas special that unveils how the Christmas story speaks to hurting people.

The Chosen: A Story of the First Christmas
1 X 22 MIN., HD, 2018

The Chosen tells the story of the first Christmas through the eyes of a shepherd whose life of suffering and rejection changes when he and his fellow shepherds receive a miraculous revelation.

St. Nicholas: The Real Story
1 X 55 MIN., HD, 2015

Everyone knows Santa Claus, the red-suited figure who lives at the North Pole and brings gifts to good children every Christmas. But was there a real Santa? To answer that question, Mark Wilson, a distinguished historian and archeologist travels to modern day Turkey and Italy. There he uncovers clues about the man behind the legend.

My Son, My Savior
1 HR., HD, 2015

From the makers of the award winning biblical dramas, Road to Emmaus and Come Follow Me, comes My Son, My Savior, a powerful portrayal of the life of Jesus as seen through the eyes of his mother, Mary.

Mister Scrooge to See You
1 X 1 HR. 55 MIN. ,HD, 2015

Sent on a journey 170 years into the future, Scrooge encounters a world even colder and greedier than his own, the world of a young cutthroat businessman named Timothy Cratchit VI. Will Scrooge be able to teach Cratchit the true meaning of Christmas? Mister Scrooge to See You! is a lighthearted and entertaining follow-up to Dicken's classic tale.

1 X 49 MIN., HD, 2013

What would it look like if Jesus were born in the 21st Century? Savior is a contemporary interpretation of the Christmas story set in modern England. Mary and Joe are working class twenty-somethings planning for their wedding and trying make ends meet. Everything changes when a supernatural visitor announces to Mary that she will bear the Savior of the world!

Plus additional titles:

Advent Calendar
SD, 2006, short films,1 hr 28 min

Advent Calendar Christmas Carols
SD, 2008, short films, 1 hr 55 min

Bedbug Bible Gang: Christmas Show
SD, 1999, animation, 27 min

Bugtime Adventures - Episod 10:
Joy to the World - The Christmas Story

SD, 2004, animation, 25 min

Census and the Star

SD, 2008, documentary, 30 min

Charting Christmas
HD, 2012, documentary, 41 min

Eyewitness Bible: Christmas
HD, 2022, documentary, 10 min

Gospel Film Archive: Christmas Collection
SD, 1953, classics, 2 hr 13 min

Just in Time for Christmas
SD, 1999, drama, 52 min

Messiah: George Frideric Handel's
SD, 2003, music, 2 hr 13 min

Prince of Peace
SD, 2003, animation, 29 min

Stagecoach Santa
SD, 2010, drama, 1 hr

The Fourth King
HD, 2022, drama, 27 min

The Fourth Wise Man
SD, 1985, drama, 72 min

The Savior
HD, 2022, animation, 34 min

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