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William and Kate

1X120 minutes or 3X45 minutes.

In HD and 4K


William and Kate


The love story of the Century…in 3 parts and ongoing.

The first episode will feature the background of William & Kate going over their childhood, and talk about their families growing up. Then the film will tell the story of who they were before they met. When they meet, it will tell the story of their journey together, William’s time in the military and Kate as a student right up till they get engaged.

The 2nd episode will feature the preparation for the wedding, wedding dress, venue and all the excitement and anticipation for the wedding. Very exclusive footage will feature the wedding itself from inside the church, leaving the church by horse carriage with all the royal cavalry, their arrival at Buckingham Palace where they will kiss at the balcony and be celebrated by the people of the UK and the world!

The 3rd episode will feature what life is like after the wedding, their royal duties...the birth of Prince George, and Kate's 2nd pregnancy. The life as they live it now will feature headlines and footage from today.

The 3 episodes will include compelling stories from people who know and are friends with the couple. A truly unique and outstanding presentation!

Screener available here. Password: eme2018

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